16 de janeiro de 2019

When we launched Anchor Sponsorships, we knew there was a market need for efficient podcast advertising. Now, we’re seeing exactly how much it was needed — and the response to the platform has been more resounding than we anticipated.

In fact, we’ve found that by making the opportunity available, this technology is massively increasing the entire market potential of podcast advertising. In the month after Anchor Sponsorships launched, the number of participating podcasts has effectively doubled the total number of podcasts on the market that are running ads.

This speaks volumes about the potential for an open market of podcast advertising. Podcasts using Sponsorships run the gamut of everything from cult-followed shows like Wild Thing, to up-and-coming hits like Thick & Thin and Where Ya From?. We’re finding immense value for brands putting their advertising dollars toward getting their message out across an extended network of relevant shows.

We’re beyond excited to see the impact Sponsorships has already made for podcasters, and so inspired by the community of Anchor creators who make up this new, expanded market. Whether you just started advertising on your show that’s been around for years but didn’t have access to brands before, or felt inspired to start a new podcast to take advantage of Sponsorships, you’re building the future with us.

And this is just the start. You can expect to see additions and improvements to the platform in the near future, stay tuned!

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Haven’t started your own podcast yet? Check out our handy How to Start a Podcast guide for tips and tricks on how to make something awesome with Anchor. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback, via email or on Twitter.