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Keep more of what you earn

The most creator-friendly subscriptions program: No annual fees or platform fees until 2023 (5% fee thereafter) means 100% of subscription revenue goes directly to you (except payment processing fees). Trying out a new revenue stream has never been easier for all creators.

Save time with streamlined setup and management

No matter your audience size, get started in minutes with Anchor’s simple subscriptions setup. No more headaches around managing separate feeds—consolidate your podcast management, distribution, and monetization in one free, easy-to-use platform.

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of listeners are willing to support all or some of the podcasts they listen to.1


of podcast listeners already pay for podcast content.2

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Nurture your community and deepen engagement

Welcome your biggest fans into your community and offer them something in exchange for their support. Subscriber email lists allow you to take that connection even further and engage with your audience.

Diversify your podcast monetization

Subscriptions can be a great source of recurring revenue, even for shows with small but loyal followings. It’s a more predictable, stable source of revenue that you control.

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Put your listeners first

Listeners can easily discover bonus content and support creators directly, whether they prefer to listen seamlessly on Spotify, or elsewhere via a private RSS feed, meaning you won't lose any potential subscribers.

Resources for launching your
Podcast Subscription:

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Paid podcast checklist: Launch your subscriber-only content

Ready to get started with Podcast Subscriptions on Anchor? This checklist will set you up for successful podcast monetization.

Podcast Subscription Pricing

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Plans for podcast payments: Determine your podcast subscription price

Pricing your Podcast Subscriptions offering requires a lot of thought—here are the top factors and strategies to help you decide.

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Plans for podcast subscriptions: The best content formats to consider

Discover the different types of bonus content to offer that will turn your podcast listeners into subscribers.

Podcast Subscriptions, made simple for you and your listeners.

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How to use Podcast Subscriptions

1. Plan

Whether it’s early access, bonus episodes, or something else, it all depends on what’s right for your goals, audience, and time investment.

2. Set up

Choose a monthly subscription price and select any existing episodes (including Video Podcasts) to update as subscriber-only. This will be reflected in your Spotify feed right away.

3. Manage

For future episodes, simply toggle it to ‘Subscription only’ during episode setup before you publish.

4. Promote

Tell your listeners how to support you across your podcast, social media, and more. Your listeners can subscribe through your show notes across platforms, or your Anchor profile.

Launch Checklist: The Basics

  • Add a link to your subscription page in your show notes
  • Talk about your subscription offering at the beginning of non-subscription episodes
  • Spread the word on social media: Announce it, post snippets of exclusive audio, and keep posting beyond launch
  • Post in community forums for your podcast
  • Email your listeners if you have an email list
  • Add a link to subscribe on your social media bios so it’s always there
  • Make sure it’s on your podcast website
  • Create a trailer mentioning your paid offering
  • Tell your listeners to spread the word
  • Faça collabs com outros podcasts

The best listener experience, too

Support the creators you love

Support your favorite creators directly. They keep 100 percent of the subscription revenue—and your support helps them continue to create more of what you love.

Subscription benefits

By supporting creators, you’ll gain access to perks and benefits only available to subscribers—which may include bonus episodes, early releases, archived content, and more!

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All on your terms

You can cancel your subscription anytime. You’ll continue to have access to the creator’s free content and any content you already paid for.

Become a subscriber in three steps:

1. Subscribe via Anchor or Spotify

Find a podcast’s subscription link in the show notes on Spotify or the creator’s Anchor profile.

2. Set up Payment

Enter your payment information and click ‘Subscribe & continue.’ You can cancel anytime if you change your mind.

3. Activate

Once you subscribe, you’re ready to access subscriber-only content. Simply open the show on Spotify and start listening!

Perguntas frequentes

What is the current status of the feature?

Podcast Subscriptions is currently available to all creators and their listeners in 34 markets: 
North America: USA, Canada 
Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Asia Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore

When will you add more markets?

We expect to add more markets to the list of supported countries in 2022. Please sign up for emails from Anchor to receive the latest news. 

Where can I find the subscription link to share with my listeners?

You can find your subscription link, along with your private RSS feed, within your ‘Money’ page under the ‘Subscriptions’ section. There, you can also edit your message to potential subscribers, which appears when they click on your subscription link.

Can I change the price of my subscription offering after I set it?

As price changes need to be handled with care to not upset your fanbase, this functionality will not be possible during the initial period of this feature. We’ve added more pricing tier options to create more flexibility for creators. We anticipate this functionality being available in the future.

Do my listeners need to be on Spotify to subscribe to my content?

While Spotify provides the most seamless subscription and listening experience, listeners have the option of adding a private RSS feed to their listening app of choice once they’ve subscribed to your show.

Can I also have Listener Support enabled?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enable Listener Support while offering subscriber-only episodes.

Can I make Music + Talk episodes subscriber-only?

We are currently not supporting subscriptions for episodes with Spotify music.

Do my subscriber-only episodes need to be exclusive to Spotify?

No, your subscriber-only episodes do not need to be exclusive to Spotify.

How can my listener add the private RSS feed to other listening apps?

In Apple Podcasts, listeners can select ‘Library’ > ‘Edit’ > ‘Add a Show by URL’ and paste the URL. You can also find instructions for Google Podcasts and Overcast.

What are the types of subscriber-only benefits I can offer?

While it’s up to you depending on your goals and time investment, examples range from access to bonus content, early access to content, access to exclusive interviews, or an ad-free version of your content.

Does Podcast Subscriptions work with Video Podcasts?

Yes, Podcast Subscriptions work with Video Podcasts.

Can I set up and manage Podcast Subscriptions using the Anchor mobile app?

Currently, this feature is only available on Anchor’s web tool. We will communicate with users via email if/when the functionality is available on mobile.

1. Based on recent consumer research

2. Among those currently not paying for shows