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November 2, 2018

Anchor Honored by Google as a Material Design Award Winner

We’re honored to be selected as the winner of Google’s 2018 Material Design Award for Adaptation at SPAN 2018.

This week at SPAN Helsinki, Anchor was awarded a Material Design Award by Google’s Design team — we’re absolutely stoked and honored!

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Anchor has been chosen as the winner for Adaptation, highlighting how our intuitive podcast creation flow remains consistent across devices, while also taking advantage of each device’s unique features. As a company determined to build products that are accessible to any type of user, anywhere in the world, consistency plays an important role in our design process, and drives us to explore all of the capabilities that the Android, web and iOS platforms have to offer.

Our Lead Product Designer, Emmi Hintz, can attest to how we make this happen. In her words, Anchor is always trying to build “an experience that is straightforward and intuitive, yet expressive and fun” across every single platform. To us, that means a clarity-driven user experience, bright and recognizable colors (that represent both core features and the overall brand), and friendly typography, which build an intuitive workflow no matter where you’re creating your podcast.

Stay tuned for more on our design process, and full details of the Material Design Awards can be found here. Oh, and here’s Emmi along with our CEO, Michael Mignano, in Helsinki celebrating the win:

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Photo by Mikael Lundblad (@_mikaellundblad) for Google

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